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    I have been attempting to create widgets and register them, but each time I try to register a widget, it says that the widget does not exist by given URL although the path is correct. Is there something that I am missing from the widget? I select Razor for the View engine, unchecked strongly-typed view, and checked create as partial view. I am trying to duplicate the Blog Feed Widget.

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    There is nothing special about registering widget. Path should look like ~/Views/Widgets/BlogFeedWidget.cshtml.

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    That is what I used. Could there be something wrong elsewhere or another reason why it would not be recognized at that path?

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    I am having he same issue. I followed the tutorial on creating a server side widget and it wont show up even though the path is correct. it cant render the view

    @model BetterCms.Module.Root.ViewModels.Cms.RenderWidgetViewModel @if (Model != null) { <h2>Widget Name: @Model.Widget.Name</h2> <h3>Current Page: @Model.Page.PageUrl</h3> <p>Some widget content...</p> foreach (var option in Model.Options) { @option.Key: @option.Value //this line is showing an error } } else { <p>Widget Preview...</p> }

    I am also noticing that the pages aren't responsive. is there a fix for that or do i need tot ad that in myself

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