Server Widget Renders Model Data Not In View - Page Id, Widget, Id, Name

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    I have created a "Server Widget". The URL of the Widget (View = "Test") calls an ActionMethod using Html.RenderAction("Test", "Test", new {Area="", model=Model}). The controller method is called successfully, updates the model with custom data, and returns the updated model back the View.

    All is rendered but in addition to the model data I want in the View, additional data appears at the top of the Widget:

    Page: Id=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, Title=; Widget: Id=73cfec1f-8983-4eb2-a0b4-a65101089b6b, Name=Test Title.

    What is going on???


        public BetterCms.Module.Root.ViewModels.Cms.RenderWidgetViewModel Test(BetterCms.Module.Root.ViewModels.Cms.RenderWidgetViewModel model)
            return model;


    @model BetterCms.Module.Root.ViewModels.Cms.RenderWidgetViewModel

    @{ Layout = ""; }

    @{ Html.RenderAction("Test", "Test", new { Area = "", model = Model }); }

    @if (Model != null) { <p>Some widget content...Test Test Test</p> } else { <p>Widget Preview...Test Test Tes</p> }

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