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    The company I work for, is looking for a new CMS, and BetterCms is one of the first we are trying to get our codebase to work with.

    Modules are really important to us, as we want to get all our MVC stuff to run inside the CMS.

    But, I just can't get a custom module to run... I've tried the tutorial, and the source code, but after spending a day bumping into one problem after another, I'm about to give up.

    Is there any chance that you could release the source of a very bare module project (no models, data or viewmodels, just a working controller with view) that I can use as a starting point for our proof of concept?



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    Hello, Joep,

    Could you explain your needs, please? Do you really need a module? Module could help you, if you: - want to inject a link to side panel menu - want to inject a link to site settings menu Otherwise, you should install CMS using NuGet package and create custom widgets as regular Razor views.

    If you want an easy to understand module, you can check the source codes of our crated modules. One of the examples is newsletter module, which has simple controller with view models and views.

    If you decide, that you don't really need a module, you can download and analyze the source code of our demo project.

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    Video tutorial for module development is very important.

    Hopefully it is easy to understand. Especially for MVC newbie.

    More tutorial you have, bigger bettercms ecosystem you get.

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    Hi Audrunas,

    We have got the newsletter module working, but it involved many steps that are really hard to figure out without deep knowledge of BetterCms. We started with a new solution, and installed BetterCms, and configured it, so it ran. Then we copied the source of the Newsletter project into our solution, and thought it would work without too much trouble, but it took us quite some time to figure everything out.

    Maybe it would be a good idea if you would repeat our process? Maybe even write a blogpost about it, to see what problems we ran into? That, I think, would be a great help for everyone to start making custom modules.

    Because, so far, we like what we see :)



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    Thanks! We're going to do that in future.

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    Yes, agree... Module development would certainly make BetterCms interesting for enterprise solutions.

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    No updates on a video tutorial?

    This demo on github is freaking complicated....

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    Yes.. I agree.. No progress so far.. I will pay the video tutorial if it's worthed.. Of course with reasonable price..

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