Using a javascript framework with BetterCMS (Angular 2 / React)

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    Angular 2.0 is about to release, and I am worried it will not be technically feasible to use it within BetterCMS... it requires a root component and handles the rendering of the entire application itself. It might work if we can inline @RenderBody() within Angular 2.0's root component template, and register every possible directive with it, but I am skeptical of this being a viable solution.

    I have used Angular 1.x with great success in my previous BetterCMS applications. All of my directives are registered in a single file that is included on every page. The user builds pages using server side widgets, which are using directives in their HTML. When the page is dynamically rendered by BetterCMS, Angular will simply render any directives it sees. The directives (components) are built in a very reusable fashion so they can be placed on any page and still function.

    I love BetterCMS because I can write really heavy business applications in Angular, and my users can still make changes to any pages (with history!), and they will be unable to break my core functionality. I would like to continue using a front-end framework, and am looking for feedback and recommendations on js frameworks that pair nicely with BetterCMS going forward. Has anyone successfully used Angular 2 or React with BetterCMS? I'm looking for some feedback before I start prototyping. Thank you!

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    We are into a similar situation with MagnoliaCMS wherein the Angular1 components worked fine. As a roadmap we want to include new components and are exploring if Angluar2 can be used to create the pluggable server side components. But as you mentioned Angular 2 bootstraps RootComponent and only then the reusable components can be added as part of the templates.

    Did you find any solution yet on this with Angular 2? Or switched to any alternate framework?

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