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    Hello, I am starting to learn BetterCMS, and I don't understand well. I did the project setup with success, and I can run a project in http://localhost:xxxxx/

    Now I want to do the master pages tutorial, but I need to setup the development environment first right (I don't have access to some folders like Shared) ? I cloned, and I am stuck here:

    "Open a project in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express. Create a database in SQL Server or SQL Server Express and ensure "Application Pool Identity" has read/write access to that database. To read more on this fix, visit troubleshooter."

    What should I do if I want to use an existing project I already created in Visual Studio 2015 ?

    Thank you in advance,

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    I am still stuck.

    All I need is to have access to BetterCMS.Core / Sandbox, etc. in order to create a master page. (right now I am just changing the blank template directly in teh client better cms...)

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    I managed to make the website work & created a server-side template.

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