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    I want to add a hyperlink to another page. The only option I can think of is using the 'Link' button from the toolbar and add a hyperlink using the URL. It would be better to add a link to a page from a sitemap. That way the editor doesn't need to know about URLs and we can automatically map URLs if the page URL changes.

    Or am I missing something?

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    Hello Ramon,

    By default editor provides ability to add hard-coded hyperlinks. Yes, it is a limitation, but if you rename a page, it gives an option to automatically add a redirect to newly named page.

    Additional functionality can be achieved by using custom server side widgets. For example, in many cases there is a need to generate a menu that is built from sitemap. Then you have to write a server side widget which queries API for sitemap and builds a menu from the received data. So as a result, your menu widget would be completely decoupled from the actual URLs and would use the sitemap instead.

    Hope this helps

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    I have created a server-side widget that queries the sitemap and generates a menu from it. As a developer, I don't have a lot of issues with it. But I want to provide the content editors with an easy-to-use method to link to another page within the same website. This is pretty common in a CMS and I am a bit amazed that it isn't there.

    Writing a custom widget to do this seems a lot of work. Generating the URL isn't difficult, but I also need to add this functionality in the inline-editor which is a bit more challanging. If done right, then you should also issue warnings when removing pages that are being referenced.

    It's hard to explain to a non-developer that you have to use manual URLs. Using internal links would be much better, because you could also issue a warning when deleting a page, ...

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    Thanks for pointing that out, I agree that current implementation is not optimal for content editors. We had similar issues with images and files where the actual URL is inserted into content instead of some kind of object and we had plans to modify that behavior in our next major version, v2.

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    I like BetterCMS for most of its functionality. As an experienced ASP.NET MVC developer it's great to work with a CMS that also allows to use the strengths of ASP.NET MVC in a website and still be able to edit content. Keep up the good work!

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    Any update on this?

    It will be great if you provide pageurl as custom option.

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    After two years, I decided to take a look at BetterCMS again but unfortunately, it hasn't progressed a lot in this area. It's a shame, because it's a pretty easy to use CMS for .NET developers.

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