How to create a submenu

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    Hi!, I have my main menu but in the item "Contenido del manual" I need another items as submenu, but I don't see the option for create this, anyone can help me?


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    For adding sub-menu items you should download demo page source code and manually edit it. Source code can be found here:

    You should add submenu items to Site Settings -> Sitemap as child nodes.

    After then you should update SitemapController ( and view models to retrieve data in the tree structure.

    To display data with child nodes you should update sitemap rendering view: and use any JavaScript library for displaying sub menu items.

    Hope it helped!

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    Oh yeah! I will try this in the next project.

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    Hi Audrunas,

    I tried the instructions that you mentioned from above. It did not seem working.From subMenu.cshtml codes, the parentUrl returned 'null'. Any idea?

    var parentUrl = OptionsHelper.GetValue(Model.Options, "parentUrl"); if (parentUrl != null) { Html.RenderAction("SubMenu", "Sitemap", new { area = string.Empty, parentUrl = parentUrl }); }

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    The following gets the value based on key "parentUrl" from sub menu widget options: OptionsHelper.GetValue(Model.Options, "parentUrl");

    You have to set the parentUrl yourself in page widget options in order to generate the SubMenu widget:

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