Disable New Page function

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    Can I disable New Page function?

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    Either u need to disable the page or the particular function of the page.

    Based on the authenticated User role , you can able to provide rights for the page to the particular user.

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    Add security section into to cms.config configuration:

    <security accessControlEnabled="true" fullAccessRoles="Admin" encryptionEnabled="false" encryptionKey="bettercmstest" ignoreLocalFileSystemWarning="true"> <defaultAccessRules defaultAccessLevel="ReadWrite"> <add identity="Everyone" accessLevel="Read" isRole="true" /> <add identity="Authenticated Users" accessLevel="ReadWrite" isRole="true" /> </defaultAccessRules> <!-- If custom role provider is used instead of "BetterCms.Module.Users.Provider.RoleProvider", custom roles need to be mapped to BetterCMS permissions. Example:--> <!--<customRoles> <add permission="BcmsEditContent" roles="User" /> <add permission="BcmsPublishContent" roles="User" /> <add permission="BcmsDeleteContent" roles="User, Admin" /> <add permission="BcmsAdministration" roles="Admin" /> </customRoles>--> </security>

    More info: https://github.com/devbridge/BetterCMS/wiki/Roles-Management

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