What's the idea of having default Blog layout?

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    What's the idea of having default Blog layout (Site settings > Blog > Layouts > Select Default Blog Layout)?

    I have already implemented my own blogging widget, but now I am doubting whether it was the correct approach. I see that in BetterCMS.Demo you too use widgets to make blogging experience happen, though I was wondering maybe there is some kind of other way making Blogging page, using Default Blog Layout?

    Thanks guys

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    Hi Gabrielius,

    If you select Default Blog Layout, it will be automatically assigned every time you post a new article. In BetterCMSDemo project we have a custom layout for blog posts which ensures every blog post is formatted in the same manner (author, date, etc). It inherits some other layouts (including base layout). We use server-side widgets to implement custom functionality such as display 10 latest blog post headers in one page. Not to be confused - Blog post layout and widget layouts are entirely different, the latter being hidden in server side.

    Hope this helps, and don't hesitate to ask further if you have any questions.

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