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    I'm using the better cms demo page. I can see that the font is set to Open sans in the css. This is a google font I guess. My question is: 1) where is the reference to the google font api set and 2) can I overwrite this properties to use a google font of my choice?

    Regards Christoph

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    Hello, Christoph,

    The loading of Google font is set in BaseLayout (https://github.com/devbridge/BetterCMS/blob/dev/Modules/BetterCms.Module.Root/Views/Shared/BaseLayout.cshtml#L48), but it's done only for authenticated user, which can manage CMS content.

    If you want to override CSS, please read my instructions, how to do this: http://www.bettercms.com/support/bugs-and-suggestions/cloudfront-hosted-images-css-etc/

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    Hello Audrunas,

    Thanks for your reply. But the file BaseLayout.cshtml is only accessible, if I have the complete source for the system. It is not accessible from the Demo source as far as I remember?

    Regards Christoph

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    Yes, it's not accessible, but it's required for admin-mode. Why do you want to edit it?

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    I want change the font global so that I can use a new font for the menu and other items. But I guess I can do that in the layout pages of the demo project (loading a new google font in the lightlayout file?).


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    Yes, in such a case, you should edit demo page layout.

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