Menu in new template

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    Hi, I creating a net template ,how I put the Menu on this new template?

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    I got the same question, anyone can help?

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    Test driving on MVC5 in VS2015. I can't figure out how to edit a template or how to place a menu in the header. I wish the docs/vids were updated.

  4. Avatar of Paulius

    Steps to solve this: - You need to create a regular ASP.NET MVC partial view. - Register the partial view as a Better CMS widget. - Call a @Html.Action() in the partial view to initiate your custom controller action. This step is optional, but I recommend to do this in order to have better source code structure. - Add logic in to the controller action (or directly to the partial view) to call Better CMS API and to retrieve menu tree ( - Render HTML into the partial view according menu tree you got from Better CMS API.

    Now you can place the registered widget in any Better CMS page or template to render menu.

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    Why would you suggest using API for Pages? I am using API for Sitemaps and Sitemap because there I have SortOrder property.

    If I am using Pages API I can't really sort them

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