How to use persian calender in date picker ?

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    I want to use persian calender. how can use persian calender in better cms ? i have a dll for persian calender,can i use it ?

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    I suppose, you cannot use persian calendar in Better CMS, because, as I've found out, converting to the Persian calendar requires additional conversion logic, which isn't implemented yet.

    Could you describe more, please, what are your expectations about Persian calendar, and how it's implemented in other projects? Do you have a working online example? Maybe we could do some more research and implement Persian calendar in the later releases?

    There is an issue #1007 created on GitHub, related to your question. Maybe it can be fixed by using Persian jQuery datepicker in the UI and conversion logics in the server side?

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    I want to enter dates in Persian Date Format and See Dates in that format. This isn't important for me that you save dates in which format in your DB but i want a convertor logic that converts date to persian for representing to visitors or in admin panel. This is a useful link i think:

    I think it is good to use Persian JQuery Date that you mentioned but how it can be combined with better cms and does it solve my problem ?

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    Ok, Thanks, We'll check what we can do to fix this problem.

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    Can Better-CMS support Persian Date format and Calendar? Is there a way to make use Persian Dates in Better-CMS? We expect the ability of working with (say inputting and viewing) date times in better-cms by our native-international calendar, named "PersianCalendar" in .Net Framework by Microsoft. This calendar's Orginal name is "Jalali Calendar". Jalali Calendar is a solar calendar that is very very popular and inused in Persia Area countries for formal and informal events, because this is one of the best and most accurate calendars all over the world, and historically created by a famos and greate native Scientist, "Hakim Khayyam". Users in this area only work with cms and apps that well-support her formal calendar. Is Better-CMS's team have any plan to implement a mechanism to power users our developers with custom calendars?

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