How to create a Masterpage which will use Usercontrol (partial views)

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    Hi, I have a site with 5 templates but for each header and footer is common with topmenu(sitemenu) for header and footermenu(sitemenu) for footer and some information ,these menu are added on Template by "Html.RenderAction" and problem is that i am not able add "RenderSection" on these partialviews (Header.cshtml and Footer.cshtml). Our site is multilingual site so have to update Header informations, footer information and content fr each language but as i am not able to "RenderSection" on my partial pages (Header and Footer) i am not able to update the header and footer text part (menu items and loading dynamicly). So i try to implement master page but its also not reduce my work as its need to add separate Masterpage for each Template and number of masterpages ="number of templates" x "number of langauge" .. any idea how to manage the Header and footer for each template by using a single masterpage ? Thanks

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    Hello, Bishnu,

    You can create your own server control widgets, which actually are .cshtml views. Read more here: and here: about how to creat widgets and how to use them.

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    Hi Audrunas, Widgets will not solve my problem .. i have a lables "Available For","Follow Me" and the TopMenu items in Header .. now if i use "Content Widgets' can't able to load the sitebar and if i use "Server Widgets" not able to update the labels "Available For" and "Follow Me" , let me know if i am wrong.

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    You can have the regions in the master pages.

    When creating a page (or creating a translation), you just select a master page (one from 5) and add correct widgets to the correct regions.

    For HTML data you can create HTML widgets (you may have one for each language, while there is no ability to have widgets translations). And you can have a server control widget for footer and header menus (use sitemap with page translations for that).

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    Then its better to add custom javascript on page edit property

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