How to change the "logo.png"

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    Hi!, mi name is Camilo and I'm new in Better CMS. I want to change the logo image but I don't see the option in editor panel, my site is deployed in Azure Website and I thought that need to download the source code and modify the template but I don't know if is the better way.


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    sorry, there is no way to edit the icon from UI in the demo website. You can edit it by editing view in the Views folder (if you have an ability to access them by downloading code to local computer or via FTP). In the near future we're going to update demo page to be more flexible.

    Anyway, you can always install Better CMS via Nuget or by downloading source code from GitHub.

    These are the instructions how to install via Nuget package manager:

    And there are the instructions how to setup developer environment when code is downloaded from GitHub:

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    Ok, thanks!

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    Please specify which one we have to edit. Thanks for your collaboration.

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    The logo for the BetterCMS.Demo website is located under:


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