Creating My Theme...confused!

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    Hello there, I installed BetterCMS and I can now see the base install on my localhost. I am very confused as to how to get started with creating my theme. I watched the video about master templates but I don't see the file structure in the video in my Visual Studio. I already have my site created on a different server (Linux) and just need to apply all of that styling and content over to BetterCMS. However, I am confused as to where I can locate the BetterCMS files or better yet create stylesheets, etc.? I used the Visual Studio to install/setup the BetterCMS but now I am lost as to where to find the files?

    Thanks! Lisa

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    In order to get an easier to work with base project I recommend creating a new ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application (See: and then choosing to create a 'Basic' project (See:

    This will give you a better base to work with. This is, of course, not necessary, as you can recreate the project structure you saw in the tutorial on your own, but if you follow the steps I listed above you will have a project more similar to the demo.

    As for the style-sheets, they go in the Content folder (or any inner folder within Content, see:

    If you wish to keep the project you have, just add a Content folder in the root of your project and put your stylesheets/style images and such there. Then reference them in your template files that usually belong in ~/Views/Shared/

    Feel free to ask if you encounter any more problems or have any more questions.

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    Hello, Ok, so I started following the video tutorial. I created the Content folder, styles, etc. and necessary Views folder (Shared, Layouts, etc.). in my already established BetterCMS installation rather than starting a new one.

    I am trying to Register the template file I created but I am getting this error:

    Any ideas??

    Thanks! Lisa

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    There may be something wrong with the Home-Page.cshtml file. Have you tried registering an empty template file?

    Also, to help pinpoint the problem, could you upload the log files from the 'logs' folder, located within your web project folder? The best way to go about this is:

    1. Delete logs within log folder
    2. Try to register your template and receive error
    3. Take generated log file and upload it somewhere or copy over the contents here
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