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    Hi, I change Root Module style in '/Content/Style/base.css' and then i rebuild that project and then copy RootModule.dll and Core.dll to my current solution Why this styles not enforced in my solution ? What i should to do for enforcement of my custom styles in core style.

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    there is a hack for overriding Better CMS styles / script files.

    base.css is loaded using URL http://your.server/file/bcms-root/content/styles/base.css. File is not found in it's position (file/bcms-root/content/styles/base.css), so system searches in embedded resources.

    You can override these files even without rebuilding. Just add files to your web project's file directory, as shown in the picture below, and these files will be loaded from disk, not from embedded resources anymore:

    CSS hack

    Maybe this will help you?

    If you still wish to replace rebuilded dlls, you can put them in your web project's solution's packages folder, e.g. C:\Projects\\packages\BetterCms.Module.Root.1.5.3\lib\net40\BetterCms.Module.Root.dll. Each time you will rebuild your solution, DLLs will be taken from packages folder and your copied DLLs will not be overriden.

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    Your answer was very good but it doesn't work for me. I have a Web Project that BetterCMS 1.5.3 dlls was added to it regarding the setup guide video and it works correctly and run BetterCMS correct in routine manner. I create a folder with name file in the root directory of this project and exactly do same things you done in the picture above. But changing styles of base.css doesn't have any effect on CMS and CMS still gets its required styles from web. What can i do?

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    I think i should change below config in cms.config but i don't know how ?!

    <cms useMinifiedResources="true" resourcesBasePath="//{bcms.version}/" loginUrl="/?returnUrl={returnUrl}" webSiteUrl="Auto" pageNotFoundUrl="/404/" workingDirectoryRootPath="~/App_Data/BetterCms" articleUrlPattern="/articles/{0}/" renderContentEndingDiv="true" contentEndingDivCssClassName="custom-clearfix" urlMode="TrailingSlash" enableMultilanguage="true" enableMacros="false">

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    Use resourcesBasePath="(local)"

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    You can read here about CMS configuration:

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    I have the same thoughts, I want to have the folder "file" in local. I use resourcesBasePath="(local)".

    Do I have to download it / or update the package or whatever ?

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