<Body> class CSS

  1. Avatar of Inacio

    Hi, It´s possible change or append new values, on the class of tag "body", I need append some new values?


  2. Avatar of Audrunas

    Hello, Inacio,

    Yes, it's possible by creating a .cshtml template and creating a section for body tag attributes.

    Here is the view example how this can be achieved:

        @model BetterCms.Module.Root.ViewModels.Cms.RenderPageViewModel
            Layout = "~/Areas/bcms-Root/Views/Shared/BaseLayout.cshtml";
        @section BodyAttributes {

    Read more here: http://www.bettercms.com/documentation/templates#how-to-override-the-body-tag

  3. Avatar of David

    Is there a way to edit the body tag without having to specify the class in the .cshtml page? Such as a region?

  4. Avatar of Simonas

    Hi David, if you are asking to edit body tag from Better CMS user interface - no, we do not support this.

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