Unhandled Exception Occurred in Better CMS Host Application

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    I am attempting to move an existing Better CMS site to a new server. The old server was 2012 (non-R2) and had SQL Server installed locally. The new environment running 2012 R2 has a separate IIS and SQL server.

    Steps I have taken thus far:

    1. Installed the following Roles & Features on new IIS server (Some are used by other apps): Application Server .NET Framework 4.5 *Web Server (IIS) Support Web Server (IIS) *Web Server Common HTTP Features *Default Document Directory Browsing HTTP Errors Static Content HTTP Redirection Health and Diagnostics *HTTP Logging Logging Tools Request Monitor Tracing *Performance *Static Content Compression Dynamic Content Compression *Security *Request Filtering Basic Authentication Client Certificate Mapping Authentication Digest Authentication IIS Client Certificate Mapping Authentication IP and Domain Restrictions URL Authorization Windows Authentication *Application Development *.NET Extensibility 3.5 .NET Extensibility 4.5 ASP.NET 3.5 ASP.NET 4.5 CGI ISAPI Extensions ISAPI Filters Management Tools *IIS Management Console **IIS Management Scripts and Tools

    2. Set up new IIS Site - set application pool user as domain user who has rights to SQL database.

    3. Copied site to new server - modified web.config connection strings to point to new SQL Server.
    4. Installed URL Rewrite Module 2.0 on new server.
    5. Backed up and restored database to new server, set SQL user with full permissions to database.

    When I access the site, it spins for a few seconds then stops with a blank screen with the favicon at top. The following is logged:

    2016-05-25 09:24:38.2048 Unhandled exception occurred in Better CMS host application.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Please, any ideas?

    Thank you.

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    Can you provide full log file? What messages Better CMS prints into the log file during start?

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    Since the log size exceeds the maximum character limit of the post I have saved it here:


    Thank you very much.

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    Looks like the exception occurs in the application code. Do you have exceptions logging in the global.asax level? Example: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/24395wz3.aspx Knowing exact exception will show the root cause of the issue.

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    Thank you very much for your help. I was not able to make a change to the global.asax due to compiled code behind (I don't have the source). But I used RedGate's .NET Reflector to peek under the hood. It lead me to believe that the project was relying on MVC 4 from the GAC. I downloaded and installed MVC 4 and it worked. I'm not sure why it wasn't included in the project's bin directory but I wanted to post the outcome to help anyone else.

    Thanks again!

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