Setting up BetterCMS in Visual Studio 2015 ?

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    Hello, I installed VS2015 Community on my web server as the VS 2013 version I had expired. I had my project working but now I have to start over since it will not work in VS2015 now. I am having a difficult time getting the BetterCMS package installed. I don't have the choices for the project setup like in the video tutorial. How can I get this to work? If at all?

    Thanks! Lisa

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    Hello Lisa,

    Your project can still work in VS2015, therefore you wouldn't have to start over, unless you want to move on to using ASP.NET 5, which BetterCMS currently does not support, although work is being done on that.

    In case of starting a new project under VS2015 that is compatible with BetterCMS, here are the steps you need to take:

    1. Create a new ASP.NET Web Application from the New Project dialog:

    2. Select Empty project type and check 'MVC' in the 'Add folders and core references' section below:

    3. Install the package via NuGet package manager.

    The rest of the steps are the same as a project on VS2013.

    I recommend trying to get your project to open with VS2015 first as I did not have much issue with doing that.

    Feel free to report any other problems or issues you encounter.

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    As a followup to this same topic and the 3 steps listed above, after installing the 2 BetterCMS nuget packages, there are several packages with upgrades available.

    Should they all be ignored, some be upgraded and others left as is, or upgrade none?

    Just for fun, I attempted to upgrade each one by one. Several failed, Hibernate, Iesi, Fluent, and Common.logging.nlog showed deprecated.

    For our evaluation of this product I'm going to start over and upgrade none.

    Is this the correct approach?


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    Hi Ruben,

    I recommend to leave them as they are because everything is tested with those versions and if updated there may be some issues.

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    I am setting up BetterCMS local development environment with VS 2015.

    I think I am stuck on the step "Create a database in SQL Server Express and ensure "Application Pool Identity" has read/write access to that database".

    I created a db from "Project->Add New Item->SQL Database", and it placed it in the App_Data folder as Database1.mdf.

    The connection string config is as per your instructions.

    But not sure how to give Application Pool Identity read/write access to the database I created. Also, do I need to do anything in SQL Server Express?

    No I am not a developer.


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    After F5 I get this: "HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error" - with a config error: "Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions".

    I'm guessing the IIS doesn't have read/write access to the database I created in Visual Studio?

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    This might help:

    If above doesn't help, please try install URL Rewriter 2.0 via Web Platform Installer. I know this sounds totally strange, but actually it can help.

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    If somebody comes to this page via google, like me:

    Something is happening in the documentation!

    Folks, please update your website or set a link to this github page.. It doesn't have to be so hidden!

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