Problem to install latest Nuget packages

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    Hello, I installed v. 2.0.7 of BetterCMS in my Asp.NET MVC project. I Nuget Management, the Updates tab propose to update 30 packages. When I select BetterModules.Core.Web, I get an error :

    update-package : Unable to find a version of 'FluentMigrator' that is compatible with 'BetterModules.Core 2.0.0 constraint: FluentMigrator (= 1.6.1)', 'FluentMigrator.Runner 1.6.1 constraint: FluentMigrator (>= 1.6.1)'. At line:1 char:1

    update-package BetterModules.Core.Web

    It's not the only one package which depend of strict packages version I can't install...

    Any new version of BetterCms which would allow to update these packages ? In other words, in which case can I install latest version of BetterModules.Core + BetterModules.Core.Web ?

    Thanks and Cheers -vince

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