MVC5 Authentication and Role Management

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    Is it possible to use Windows Authentication for my intranet site AND use the BetterCMS.Module.Users? Perhaps in different areas? Or do I have to use only Forms authentication with BetterCMS.Module.Users?

    Is there any way to get the best of both worlds? I have certain pages that will not be managed with the CMS that need to be authenticated based on our Active Directory structure. But I can't figure out how to manage roles easily in MVC5. I'm new to identities and authentication and although I've read as many resources as I can on it, I'm a bit lost. The documentation on the wiki seems to be only for MVC4. Is there updated documentation somewhere specific to BetterCMS?

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    OK, I figured out how to use AD security groups to map to the custom roles in cms.config. Like this: <add permission="BcmsEditContent" roles="InformationServices" /> where InformationServices is our AD securitygroup.

    But can I manage these custom roles on a page by page basis, for the CMS-created pages? I have various departments that need access to edit only their own page.

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    Could you please explain how you connected to active directory for role access?

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    I'm not connecting to active directory per se, just trying to detect Windows credentials somehow.

    For example, can I do something like this in my config file, where InformationServices is an Active Directory Security group? This seems to work in a passive authentication kind of way (no boxes pop up for me to log in) on a test page, as I am in the group InformationServices.

    <customRoles> <add permission="BcmsEditContent" roles="N" /> <add permission="BcmsPublishContent" roles="InformationServices" /> <add permission="BcmsDeleteContent" roles="User, InformationServices" /> <add permission="BcmsAdministration" roles="InformationServices" /> </customRoles>

    But this applies to all pages, as these are the default roles, right? Now if I wanted to apply certain people to manage a certain page (for example all the department managers), would I need to create a new security group for each page to be managed? Then is there a way to select this via the content manager? I was struggling with adding custom roles in the GUI, it didn't seem to detect them.

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    You assigned the role for active directory user? How does the site know you have that role assigned in the network?

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    I have no idea how it detects it behind the scenes, that is my question. I'm just saying that seems to work...

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