Missing master and template views after installing in visual studio 2013

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    I did a install into visual studio 2013 - version 1.8.3...following the your quite nice install video for developers and all went well until I created my master page. The page inserted without error, but wen I edited it, there was no content.. used the empty template..but when I opened and tried to save the template page I get an error and on looking at the project files, I see no content folder or any template or master page views.. I am assuming that these files where not installed for some reason.. can I get these files? the error I get when trying to save then empty template when in the setup ares is

    Template view doesn't exists by given url (~/Areas/bcms-installation/Views/Shared/BlankLayout.cshtml). Url should start with tilde(~) and direct to views folder in the web application root folder (for example, ~/Views/Shared/Example.cshtml). Check if url is valid and if file exists and try again.

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    Hello, Dennis

    Default layout files are embedded pre-compiled views therefore they are not present under the specified directory. There is also a separate issue that throws an error while trying to save template with a pre-compiled embedded view. It is already fixed in the next version of Better CMS which will be released early next month.

    Normally you should be able to create a regular view and use it as a layout. Follow the instructions here http://www.bettercms.com/documentation/templates

    Good luck!

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    I am having this same issue on a fresh install (2.0.8) I cannot add a server side template that points to a .cshtml file in my directory. I get the same error.

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    Nevermind, please ignore my previous comment. User error.

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