Installation on Visual studio 2015

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    Hello BetterCMS

    I am trying to get the "best" open source cms out there for a news site I want to create.

    Sadly I can not get your installation guides to work no matter what angle i take to them. Empty project, MVC project. You name it, it doesn't work for me.

    Even tried targeting other frameworks. Is there a more detailed guide out there?

    Regards MrNissen

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    It is not "best", is "better". :) Did you followed the setup and it doesn't works?

  3. Avatar of MrNissen

    Hello Paulius!

    Yes I followed every step of the way and it did not work. Using VS 2015 community, am a C# dev myself. Got alot of other CMS to work, but not yours.

    Regards MrNissen

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