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    I have a BetterCMS website and the requirement is make it multilingual (to add arabic language support). I saw the documentation and translated the pages, it cloned the pages with new url. Then I replaced English text content with Arabic. Now there are some issues:

    1. the page layout needs to be changed. So how can I add custom css and override the default css functionality.

    2. How the user can select the website language? And how the new urls will work?

    3. Do I need to change the links in the pages' content and point them to translated page urls?

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    1. This is something you need to control your self. You should add corresponding css files according selected language (use the Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture property).

    2. Add a partial view and register it as a CMS widget. Add language selection control into the partial view. Store selected language in to a cookie. Set Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture from the cookie on the HttpApplication.AuthenticateRequest event in global.asax.

    3. It depends on the logic you need. With the Better CMS API you can retrieve current page object (by id or url) and retrieve all translations of it. Having this data you can build a widget to render <a> with url in any language of in in the selected language.

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