Safe to upgrade?

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    I have a question about how safe it is to upgrade our current version of BetterCMS to the lastest one, using nuget.

    We currently have v.1.10.5 and are in dire need of an upgrade. However, since the page is already up and running we don't want to ruin anything by upgrading. Are there any breaking changes we need to know about?

    I have been searching the forum and your webpage for this information without any luck.


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    I have tried the upgrade a couple of times and gotten "close" to it working. I still can't get pages / blogs to work when published. It works locally, but once published to a production server, these pages in the administrator throw an error.

    We had to roll back to 1.10.5 and are still stuck there. I have posted several questions about how to fix this, but no answers yet. Hopefully that helps you.

    Test it locally and test it in a beta production FIRST. We had to take the site down an roll everything back which was a pain.

    Good news is the database works both directions so we didn't lose any data...just time.

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    Thanks for your respons Chris!

    That really sucks, hope we can get some light shed on this from the dev team asap. Glad we didn't try to update before asking, sorry you had to be the test subject. :(

    The reason we really need an upgrade is that widgets in 1.10.5 barely works for us. If a widget has more than like 6 settings it takes about 3 minutes for the widget options to even open, if they even open. For the last few days we cant even open widget options. We just get some error message.

    Everything else works great though. We cant just edit our site now. :P

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