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    Hello Team DevBridge Group,

    Thank you very much for such product it is pleasure working with BetterCMS

    I have tried Umbraco, and Other CMS in past BetterCMS is surprisingly very convenient use for end user as well as for developer.

    I want to have BetterCMS to be available at :

    1. : course for developer to learn and get productive with BetterCMS

    2. Integration with famous E-Commerce Open Source in .NET ( NopCommerce and VirtoCommerce) NopCommerce and VirtoCommerce Planning to Integrate Umbraco as per development roadmap I want BetterCMS to be in their roadmap, it will give more visibility to BetterCMS across .NET Community

    3. There will be StarterKit (Provided on Umbraco) for BetterCMS for QUICK START I know BetterCMS is very convenient to use with any HTML Template due to it's flexibility, but still

    4. Marketplace to Buy Themes for BetterCMS ( just like Wordpress) It may be stupid question, pls don't mind

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