Should have better tutorials

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    Hi there,

    Perhaps I'm not the only one who got the same thought, but you are lacking of tutorials. For instance, it could be more than nice to have an official video somewhere that explains how to insert a dynamic menu from a site map and put it in a template. How to get the option values from options tabs and work with them and explains if any difference in razor code between a template, a widgets or a pages.

    Globally, I think of having one or many short tutorials to demonstrate how quick you can be setup for a developer using BetterCMS and Visual Studio especially when you got a template you just bought somewhere on the internet. And I don't talk about the tutorial you made about how to install BetterCMS using nuget...

    Subjects could be like:

    1 - Sitemap and dynamic navigation menu and razor 2 - Template options with razor view 3 - Best ways to prepare your freshly bought html template with BetterCMS 4 - How to use our translation tools, allows to avoid using resource files 5 - and so on

    Everything that should be easy for a developer without using the CMS should be documented and updated if any changes. That way, BetterCMS would be really the Better of the CMS. You did a great work with the wiki and your few videos, but you need to go a bit further than that and take the lead.



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    Hi David,

    The project is kind of inactive, at least on GitHub. Some reply on the roadmap of the project would be nice.


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