CloudFront hosted images, css, etc.

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    It would be nice to have the BetterCMS Core content local. CloudFront appears to be the only option through the Nuget installation.

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    Hello, Tim,

    if I clearly understood the problem, you would like to modify CMS' .js / .css / image files? BetterCms.Core hasn't any js / css files. These files are builded into Module.Root / Module.Pages / other modules DLL files as embedded resources.

    For files to be taken from local server, and not the cloud, change cms.config, as describe here: <cms useMinifiedResources="false" resourcesBasePath="(local)" ... \>

    If you want to replace an image or CSS files of JS file, put the file to your web project's directory /file/{area}/{filePath}/{fileName}. For example. if you want to replace the image, which can be found by public URL http://{Your_Server}/file/bcms-root/content/styles/images/loading.gif, you should place it in your web project's directory '/file/bcms-root/content/styles/images/loading.gif':

    Image Replacement

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