Managing Navigation

Use menus control to determine how pages are organized on your website. To access it - click Site settings on the side menu and then click Menus. You will see a list of all created menus.

Menus in Site Settings

  1. Menus entry is located at the bottom of Site Settings menu bar.
  2. Click Add New button to create a new menu.
  3. Edit menu button.
  4. Menu history button to see and revert changes to the menu.
  5. Delete button.

Edit properties and structure of a menu

Enter menu edit dialog by clicking edit button. A modal window will open. The first tab contains basic properties of the menu.

Basic menu properties

  1. Specify a title of the menu.
  2. Add tags to the menu.
  3. Specify access rules to this menu, if access control is enabled in your site.
  4. To edit structure of the menu, go to Nodes tab.

Menu structure is edit in Nodes tab. Here you can add or nest pages within the menu, rename them, change thei urls. A list of every page on your website will appear on the left. Click and drag a page in between nodes to add a page at the base level, or click and drag a page onto a node to nest it as a sublevel of that page.

Edit menu structure

  1. Search for specific page to place it on the menu.
  2. Button to expand or collapse nested nodes.
  3. Button to collapse or expand all menu nodes.
  4. If you have multiple languages in your page, you edit your menu in a specific language. You can rename menu nodes and change their urls for each language. However, the menu structure cannot be changed and is the same for all languages.
  5. Click on the page entry to drag it to the map.
  6. Drag over specific place you want to place the node.
  7. Edit node button.
  8. Delete node button.
  9. First entity is for custom links to be placed on the menu (ex. for external web pages).
  10. Buttons to save or cancel all the changes you have made to the menu.