Editing Page Properties

For editing page properties, press Edit Page Properties in side menu. Here you can change main page information, such as title, URL, image, category, tags, custom CSS, custom JavaScript, layout and other:

Edit Page Properties

  1. Template. Select layout from existing templates list (they can be managed in Site Settings -> Templates) in the second tab.
  2. Options tab. Manage page options, which are pre-filled from page template. How to manage page options, can be found here.
  3. JavaScript & CSS. Add custom page CSS and custom page JavaScript in the fourth tab. If you want to add external JavaScript / CSS URLs, add them as page options.
  4. Translations. Manage page translations to other languages. Tab is avialable only if cms.config attribute enableMultilanguages is set to true. Read more about managing multilingual pages.
  5. Page name. Page title, describing the page.
  6. Page URL. Can be edited by pressing Edit link. Note: cannot contain spaces and special symbols: \ # ?
  7. Images. Can be shown as thumbnail, describing a page.
  8. Categories. Choose page categories, which best describes your page. Categories can be managed in Site Settings -> Categories.
  9. Tags. Add / remove tags, to provide accurate and detailed data on your page.
  10. Force Page Access Protocol. Set it if you want the page to be accessible only through HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
  11. Properties
  • Page is published. If unchecked, page will be unpublished (visible only to authenticated users, depending on access security).
  • No follow. If checked, instructs some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index.
  • No index. If checked, automated internet bots avoid indexing a web page.
  • Archived. If checked, page by default will not be visible in the list of pages (can be shown by changing filtering criteria).
  1. Access Control. This section is visible if access control is enabled. User can manage users and / or roles, which can access page. If access level is set to deny, users cannot view the current page. If access level set to read only, page will be opened in read only mode: all edit forms can be viewed, but not saved. Note: If you're trying to save the page with no user/role that have the Read&Edit access level, an exception occurs.
  2. Save / Cancel buttons. Cancel closes form without saving and without any confirmation.